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17th Barbados International Judo Tournament

Tteambimhe Barbados Judo Association hosted their 17th International Judo Tournament on Saturday 2nd December, 2017 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. This year’s tournament theme was “JUDO No Limits”, brought to life with a riveting cultural presentation by Poet - Adrian Greene. The tournament started promptly at 10.00 am with the parade of teams featuring one hundred and fourteen athletes from six participating countries; Curacao, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and host country Barbados. Following introduction from Master of Ceremonies - Marsha Lougheed, remarks were received from Professor Hoskins Caddle 7th Dan - President of the Barbados Judo Association, Ms. Sandra Osbourne - President of the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. and His Excellency Teruhiko Shinada - Ambassador of Japan. The championship was declared officially open by Professor Caddle.
The competition amongst the judokas who displayed a range of techniques and deliberate skills was extremely keen, resulting in ninety-five percent Ippons overall. This high level of competition was evident in both the senior and junior weight categories.
When the curtains came down on the tournament Barbados retained the first place trophy accruing seventeen gold, seventeen silver and sixteen bronze medals. In second place was Guadeloupe; six gold, nine silver and one bronze medal while third place went to Curacao; six gold, two silver and three bronze medals. Fourth, fifth and six places went to Martinique, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago repectively. The Ippon trophies were awarded to Yoni Dragin (Guadeloupe)- Male and Livenska Tooy (Martinique) - Female.

Following the tournament on Saturday, a Caribbean Judo Association Training Camp was held on Sunday 3rd December, 2017.The focus of the technical camp was rudiments of competition techniques.
The Barbados Judo Association would like to extend a sincere thanks to all who assisted in making the event a resounding success.







Asa Weithers

Ria Greene

Tiara Parris

Malachi Desir

Kodi Brathwaite

Jason watson

Dominique Mercer

Rory Morris

Tai Wood

Christopher Greene

Tisha Brathwaite

Natalia Applewhaite

Kristopher Paige

Melvin Terrence

Jean-Pierre Pilgrim

Liam Boyce

Ashley Green

Khalil Jessamy

Kera Marshall

Raiden Lee

Amma Small

Ronico Marshall

Jade Best

Kayla Batson

Gabriel Sealy

Jaheem Jordan-Fenty

Ajani Edghill

Tristan Nightengale

Dario Rice

Milan Puckerin

Tariq Oderson

Joshua Morris

Michael Bend

Joshua McDonald

Anaiah Clarke

Jonathan Paige

Aria Lynch

Syuri Branch-Dash

Kayla Thompson

Sa’ari Green

Adam Mehter

Aziz Mehtor

Nathan Delaney

Dominic Harrison

Deann Walton

Zarell Harding

Zane Kirton

Christianne Gibson

Kristina Clarke

Kamran Mosely


Adam Blaibel

Livenska Tooy

Keona Brigitte

Soane Guilon

Thaaj Dulondel

Malicia Martot

Soraya Colombe

Melissa Bellay

Loic Linus

Levy Degras-Verteux

Nathan Vertueux

Meddy Rome

Livaika Tooy

Maelle Guilon


Lyvaan Alpha

Pierre-Rodrique Guillaume

Nayly Lubino

Willis Kali

Yoni Gragin

Oceane Becsanged

Liamdi Plumain

Kesia Aublive

Shana Dollin

Emmanuel Niavet

Hylan Nanol

Onis Palmer

Nohan Louis

Stephanie Anicet

Edwic Anicet

Mael Ferdinand


Dylan Benita

Luciana D’Abreu De

Tahir Rosina

Quyon Ziljlstra

Jurvenier Rijnschot

Aemil Palm

Pascualino Loconsolo

Juriennsca Leuteria

Jaquill Sille

Jaynior Ilario

David de Wolf


Aidan Greaves

Xavier Jones


Tatjana Sommandas

Xavio Merhai

Jair Hahn

Timothy Doekhie

Dylan Van Keeken

Ethan Gretna

Tournament Results


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