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Barbados Judo Institute

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The Barbados Judo Institute was established in 1964 when a Canadian Nidan, Mr. Paul Johnstone, more familiarly known as "Chickie", was invited by the late Dr. Teddy Cummins to come to Barbados and set up a Judo club.
The club was originally opened at Speedbird House and then moved to Bay Street adjacent to the old Fish Market where it remained until its move to the National Stadium in 1973.
During the first 15years or so of local judo, the BJI club served more or less as the national centre for Judo, there being only one other club i.e. Shindokan Judo Club. Much of the major national training activity occurred here, and the cream of the island's Judo players had their origins at BJI.
The club has continued in recent years to play a significant role in local Judo though perhaps not as dominant as in the former years. Currently the club remains a non-profit membership organisation run by a small committee under the presidency of Lionel Maxwell. The main focus of the club is the development of Junior Judo.

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courage is the ability to act in the presence of fear


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Upcoming Events

Kagami Biraki 2018
January 06, 2018
Marine Gardens Dojo
(more info coming soon)

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