Executive Committee
The Ordinary Congress of the Barbados Judo Association was held on Saturday November 21, 2015.  The congress saw the Association instituting changes ordered by its new statutes. These statutes were restructed in accordance with the mandates of the International Judo Federation and the Pan American Judo Confederation to which the Association is affiliated.
The names and titles of the elected and appointed officers of the Association are listed below
President – Mr. Hoskins Caddle
General Secretary – Ms. Inga Augustus
General Treasurer – Ms. Femi Greene
Mr. Leslie Barker Jr.    - Marketing Director
Mr. Dave Layne        - Media Director
Mr. Glenroy Murray    - Equipment Director
Mr. Andrew Payne    - Education Director
Mr. Ian Weithers    - Training and Coaching Director
Mr. Keith Weithers    - Refereeing Director



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