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Our History

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Birth of Judo Super User 2522
Judo in Barbados - The Evolution Super User 3187
Judo in Barbados - The Leadership Super User 2393
Judo in Barbados - The Accomplishments Super User 2297
Judo in Barbados - Giving Back Super User 2722

Tournament Results


2017 Tournament on Facebook



World Judo Day - Courage

courage is the ability to act in the presence of fear


Barbados Judo Institute
Elite Judo Academy
Keikath School of Martial Arts
Marine Gardens Judo Club
Phoenix Judo Club
St.Cyprian's Boys' School Judo Club

Upcoming Events

Kagami Biraki 2018
January 06, 2018
Marine Gardens Dojo
(more info coming soon)

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