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Judo in Barbados - Giving Back

The Association considers the training of its members and officials to the highest levels paramount to the further development of the sport. Consequently Mr. Ian Weithers attained a coach diploma at an International Coaching Course in Budapest, Hungary (2001) at the Semmelweis University where he studied coaching and sports education.  In 2010, completed an International Coach Enrichment Certificate program (ICECP). The following year, the organizers of the ICECP course invited Mr. Weithers to return as the mentor for the new students for that year. Later in that same year, Mr. Weithers was awarded the National Sports Council Award for his achievement in sports at International level in 2010. As a result of his these successful events Mr. Ian Weitherswas invited toconducted seminars and Kyu gradings in Suriname and Macedonia as an International Judo Federation expert.Mr. Weithers is making his contribution to the sport as head coach of the Barbados Judo Association. In 2004, Mr. Lionel Maxwell also, attained the coach diploma at the International Coaching Course in Budapest, Hungary.

The Association continues to train coaches, referees, administrators and officials. Seminars are conducted monthly which benefits members of the four existing clubs on island; the Barbados Judo Institute, Keikath School of Martial Arts, Phoenix Judo Club and Marine Gardens Judo Club.  In 2004, a Seminar for coaches sponsored by the Olympic Solidarity and conducted by Parnell Legros of the USA, afforded a larger number of judokas to participate and benefit.

In 2011, another Olympic Solidarity seminar was conducted by Peter Gardner from the United Kingdom, who is a specialist in children programs. The seminar main target was coaching of children. This was fitting since the Kinder Judo program had been recently introduced at the Marine gardens Judo Club by Sensei Ian Weithers (5th Dan), Head Sensei at that club.   Miss Inga Augustus has assumed responsibility for working with children four years and under. This program continues to be successful and has increased membership to the club and by extension, the Association.

Several regional training camps for regional athletes have been conducted by Ian Weithers. Coaches from participating countries have been invited to share their skill and expertise.   Coaches from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Suriname have all conducted sessions at these camps.

In 2005, two young sports ambassadors Jamal Grosvenor and Inga Augustus represented Judo and the Barbados Olympic Association when they attended the 45th International Session for Young Participants, at the Olympic Academy – Athens Greece.

In 2006 the Association awarded Sensei Hoskins Caddle and Sensei Leslie Barker Sr. for their dedication to the development of the sport.  Sensei Hoskins Caddle served as Head Coach and President (2001- present) and Sensei Leslie Barker Sr. served the Association in various capacities from 1970 -1998 as President, Secretary and Technical Director. Mr. Barker is also an IJF ‘B’ Referee and served as a Barbados Olympic Association Director (1984 - 1988).

Mr. Chris Hunt (England) an honorary member of the Marine Gardens Judo Club and the Barbados Judo association was awarded 7th Dan (2011) by the Association for his contribution to the development of Judo in Barbados. Mr. Hunt conducted several Dan grading over the years, and is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise when called upon. He graded persons such as Keith Weithers, Ian Weithers, Hoskins Caddle, Lionel Maxwell and Reynold Marshall. Mr. Hunt was also instrumental in inviting Mr. Densign White, Former Chairman of the British Judo Association and currently the European Judo Union Sports Director to conduct a Dan Grading.  

Several members have benefited from administration courses, sponsored by the Olympic Solidarity. Hoskins Caddle, Roseclair Weithers, Hazel Brewster and Rosanne Maxwell attended the Basic Administration Course and Roseclair Weithers and Hoskins Caddle went on to complete the Advanced Administration Course.  Mark Springer, Clovis Harewood, Inga Augustus and Brian Peter attended the course for junior coaches sponsored by Barbados Olympic association and three of these members are now giving back to the sport by training junior and Kinder Judokas at the Marine Gardens Judo Club. Some coaches and referees were sent by the Association to attend regional and international training seminars to countries such as: Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Lausanne, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Brazil. Persons benefiting from these seminars were Glenroy Murray, Hoskins Caddle, Keith Weithers and Ian Weithers. 

The Association can boast of having the highest International Judo Federation ranking referee, an ‘A’ referee, Mr. Keith Weithers (5th Dan) 2004. Judo is predominantly a male sport, however over the years the sport has seen several women practicing the sport of in Barbados. Currently the association can take pride in having a second degree black belt in its ranking Inga Augustus (Nidan 2007).  The Association is hoping this will change in the not too distant future. Despite the small number of female practicing the sport from among them Inga Augustus and Onoh-Obasi Okey have received awards from the Barbados Olympic Association for their contribution to the development of women in sports.

In 2012, a Judo program was introduced to the University of the West Indies coordinated by Daniel Davies, a law student and a member of Marine Gardens Judo Club. This program wass conducted by Ian Weithers and assisted by Inga Augustus.

Recently Mr. Hoskins Caddle, the current President became the Caribbean Judo Confederation President in 2013.  As president he is responsible for the development of Judo in the Caribbean.

In March 2014 Barbados Judo Association hosted the First ever CAC Judo Qualifier and a Pan-American Cup later in the year. Considering the journey Sensei Harold Bovell would be pleased to see how successful the sport of Judo has become in Barbados, having started on a mat in the sand to being able to host the first ever CAC Judo Qualifier.