Barbados Judo Association. +1246-436-2608

  • Presentation of the Order of the Rising, Gold and Silver Rays by His Excellency Teruhiko Shinada Ambassador of Japan to Barbados, to Professor Hoskins Caddle, President of Barbados Judo Association
  • Presentation to Professor Hoskins Caddle of the Jigoro Kano Gold Porcelain statute by Vlad Marinsecu, representative of Mr. Marius Vizer, president of the International Judo Federation
  • The Warm Up before the 19th Barbados International Tournament
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Judo in Barbados - The Accomplishments

In the 1990s, Barbados Judo Association had credible performance from the junior athletes on their outings to countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA. Several medalist were among the group: Jamal Grosvenor, Ramon Franklyn, Dwayne Fenty, Jomo Lashley, Barry Jackman, Kyle Walcott, Alvin McCollin, Kurt Vidal, Max Oran(most outstanding Junior), Erskine Blenman, Giles Carmichael, Russell Franklyn, Leslie Barker Jr., Ricardo Layne, Leroy Massiah, Corey Hercules, Dyson Benskin, Allan Trotman, David Young, and Ellieno Frazier.

The Barbados Judo Association can be considered ‘small but tallawah’. With a maximum of four active clubs at any given time, the Association has been able tofieldathletesin major senior Judo tournaments at the highest level.

Since 1996, several Judokas have represented Barbados judo at major championships; the Olympic Games, World championships, Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC), Commonwealth Games and Pan- American Games.