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Father and son duo flying the flag for Barbados

IMG 20191008 095256 478Trust, faith and compassion. These are the attributes Asa Weithers and his coach Ian have shown to the world before the world number 226 has even stepped on the tatami of the sport’s elite at the Brasilia Grand Slam.

Ian and Asa are not your standard judoka and coach partnership, but they are father and son, united by their pride in representing the small island nation of Barbados and their devotion to judo.

The 24-year-old is a young man with a dream that centres around five interlocking rings, coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field.

Father Ian has been consumed by judo in the Caribbean nation since he first practiced the sport nearly 40 years ago.

“My mum’s friend did judo and said that her boys should try the sport,” said the approachable 54-year-old.

“This was in 1970 and at the time we had one main club on the island.

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written  By Mark Pickering on 07. Oct 2019


Ordinary Congress 2019

The Barbados Judo Association held its 2019 Ordinary Congress on Saturday July 27, 2019 at the Barbados Olympic Association.
In accordance with the resolution made at the 2015 Ordinary Congress with respect to the tenure of the President, only two posts were being contested - General Secretary and General Treasurer.
Ms Inga Augustus , the incumbent General Secretary, was returned to the post unopposed. Newcomer Ms. Sandra Blackman, who was appointed to post following the passing of former General Treasurer, Ms. Annette Greene, was elected unopposed to the post of General Treasusrer.
The appointments of Mr. Tony Latchman and Mr. Ryan Miller to the posts of Marketing Director and Media Director respectively were ratified by the Congress.
The Executive Committee elected to serve until the Ordinary Congress in 2021 is as follows:
Mr. Hoskins Caddle – President
Ms. Inga Augustus – General Secretary
Ms. Sandra Blackman – General Treasurer
Mr. Ian Weithers – Training & Coaching Director
Mr. Glenroy Murray – Equipment Director
Mr. Keith Weithers – Refereeing Director
Mr. Ryan Miller – Media Director
Mr. Tony Latchman – Marketing Director
Mr. Andrew Payne – Education Director



In the report of the Executive Committee, the President outlined the achievements of the Association during the 2016  - 2019 period. Information on the Association's participation and performance in regional and international competitions,  the local tournaments, courses and semniars held,  was presented to the assembly.
The membership figures presented showed moderate growth over the period from 177 registered members in January 2016 to 211 registered members in January 2019.
At the conclusion of the report ,  the President  expressed gratitude to the International Judo Federation  (IJF) for the donation of two areas of official tatami to the Association. He further encouraged members to "identify a specific area [of interest to the Association] and work consitently at it".



Barbados Grappling Tournament 2019

Grappling tactics and a lot of fighting spirit were demonstrated by the competitors at the recently held 2019 Barbados Judo Association Grappling Tournament, at the Marine Gardens Dojo. Among the invited guests and patrons were His Excellency Teruhiko Shinada AMBASSADOR OF JAPAN, Ms. Hisae Minami the First Secretary and Barbados Olympic Association Operations Manager Mr. Glyne Clarke.

Ambassador Shinada in his remarks made mention that " Judo is not merely a sport meant to strengthen one's physical capabilities, but one that also contributes to the cultivation of decent behaviour and spiritual discipline".  Special mention was made of the REI (bowing). This he noted " in Japanese refers to having pleasant manner and showing good spotsmanship and respect to others. "REI ", he stated " is not only relevant in your practice of judo on the tatami, but it should also resonate in your everyday life".

When the tournament concluded Marine Gardens Judo Club (MGJC) once again delivered, taking the top spot while the St Cyprian’s Boys school (SCB) took the second place. The other competing teams were; in third place Barbados Academy of Martial Arts (BAM), Phoenix Judo Club (PJC), Keikath School of Martial Arts (KEI), and The Legacy Preparatory School(LPS).

Overall the tournament host, the Barbados Judo Association was satisfied with the continuous advancement of the competitors and looking forward to an even bigger and better tournament in 2020.

The names of the gold, silver and bronze medal winner are as follows:




Dorion Cox (MGJC)

 Nathan Coombs(MGJC)

Zackary Marshall (MGJC)

Malik Drayton (MGJC)

Christopher Greene(MGJC)

Kalani Payne (MGJC)

Amma Small (MGJC)

Maleah Hayde (MGJC)

Sa’ari Green (MGJC)

Amir Drayton (MGJC)

Aria Harding (MGJC)

 Ty-Jae Rogers-Alleyne (MGJC)

Ronico Marshall (MGJC)

Zaahir Walcott (MGJC)

 Dominic Harrison(MGJC)

Naeem Jones (MGJC)

Rhys Morris (MGJC)

 Tariq Gill(MGJC)

Mariana Lascurain (MGJC)

Syuri Branch-Dash (MGJC)

Ethan Clarke (MGJC)

Kamran Moseley(MGJC)

 Kodi Brathwaite(MGJC)

Samuel Gill (MGJC)

Kristopher Paige (MGJC)

Jason Watson  (MGJC)

 Milan Pickerin (SCB) 

Malachi Desir (MGJC)

 Joshua McDonald(MGJC)

William Campbell (SCB)

Khalil Jessamy (MGJC)

Tristan Nightengale (MGJC)

Michael Millar(BAM)

Nathan Jarvis (SCB)

Tyler Branker(MGJC)

Rahul Satram (BAM)

Joshua Morris (SCB)

Avery Clarke(MGJC)

Kevaun Cadogan (BAM)

Joshua Bend (SCB)

Tayari  Wallace (SCB)

Dominic Holloway (BAM)

Michael Bend (SCB)

Connor Webster(SCB)

Nathan Jackman(BAM)

Liam Boyce (SCB)

Shamari Latchman(SCB)

Rashawn Daniel (PJC)

 Cori St.Hill (BAM)

Lyriq Carrington (SCB)

Trey Harding(PJC)

Caitlyn Broome-Webster (BAM)

Christopher Millar (BAM)

Rakario Murray (PJC)

Katany Williams (BAM)

Dominic Babb (BAM)

Asondre Alleyne(KEI)

Ryoko Murray (PJC)

Antoine Bovell (BAM)

Taj Miller (KEI)

Anjali Haynes (PJC)

Thabo Atkinson (BAM)

Aiden Vaughn(LPS)

Shaquerii Leacock (PJC)

Amariis Mayers (BAM)

Nathan Parris (LPS)

Aymon Parris (KEI)

Adam Diagne(KEI)

Gabriel Parris(LPS)

The overall Club medals standing at the end of the tournament were as follows:






Marine Gardens Judo Club (MGJC)




St. Cyprian’s Boys School (SCB)




Barbados Academy of Martial Arts (BAM)




Phoenix Judo Club (PJC)




Keikath School of Martial Arts(KEI)




Legacy Preparatory School(LPS)





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