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Judo in Barbados - The Leadership

The Barbados Judo Association governing body, the Executive Committee (EC), consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Sports Director, Referee Director and two Club members from each club as floor members. This group is charged with the responsibility for the control of the sport guided by a constitution. 

The constitution was amended in July of 2013 to bring the Association in line with the International Judo Federation (IJF) system. The Association is now be governed by an Executive Committee (EC).  This EC is led by a President and comprisesa maximum of ten (10) to twelve (12) members, representing the various Clubs.  The members are elected at the same time by the Congress; by way of voting every four (4) years, for a four (4) year term of office. As the President, he will select a General Secretary and a General Treasurer. If the President feels that the tasks to be accomplished by the EC require the addition of a maximum of another two (2) members, the President may appoint one (1) or two (2) additional members after the elections, who shall have voting rights at EC Meetings but whose appointment shall be subject to ratification at the next Congress.

Several presidents have contributed to the development of Judo in Barbados from its inception in 1966. These include: Dr. Teddy Cummins (1966 – 1974), John Brewster (1974-1983), Leslie Barker Sr. (1983 – 1995), Hallam Payne, Roy Davis, Ian Weithers, and Hoskins Caddle (2001- present).

The Association was privileged to have dedicated members serving in various capacities on the Executive: Dr. Teddy Cummins, John Brewster, Harold Bovell, Leslie Barker, Hallam Payne, Roy Davis, Ian Weithers, Hoskins Caddle, Keith Weithers, Keith Boyce, Roslyn Turney, Femi Greene, Clarence Thompson, Lionel Maxwell, Maxine White, William Payne, Richard Pinder, Elvis Coward, Junior Allsopp, Patrick Haynes, Joan Alleyne, Don Benn, Patricia Stuart, Inga Augustus, Brian Peter, Glenroy Murray,  Philip Forde, Therold Fenty, Gaynelle Griffith, Tanya Miller, Renee Ward, Nneka Crichlow, and Charles Atkins.